Introduction to Travel


It has been quite a long time since I put my thoughts to paper.  I mean, I write essays all the time but I got thinking: when was the last time I really sat down and wrote out a thought.  It was probably the incident of 8th grade, the year that I decided that diaries or journals were meant for someone with a life and writing about what I was eating for dinner 

Can I say I’ve changed since then?  Sure, definitely.  I am now a woman of 20 years, a junior in college.  But my age doesn’t answer my question.  It doesn’t answer anything really because you can’t measure a person’s experiences by how old they are.  I’ve changed in the sense that having journals are not such a bad idea after all.  Well, the thought of having a journal is not a bad idea.  Actually keeping one is a whole other story.was just called a calorie journal.

One of my friends mentioned that she kept a travel journal which I thought was pretty neat.  I wished that I kept one too but I don’t really travel so I didn’t know why I wanted one so bad.  The only places I travel are to places that I escape to via the books I read.  It’s exciting in my head but not enough excitement to actually put down that I traveled to Hogwarts today, it was awesome in said travel journal.

Over last summer, I started reading a lot of books about travel—not like information on traveling—but books where the protagonist travels somewhere and experiences something amazing.  Maybe it was subliminal messaging but I started looking into study abroad programs that my college offered.  I went to several meetings about the programs, trying to find the one that stood out to me.

The first semester of this academic year was tough for me.  There were lots of issues or incidents in several files of my life and I thought the semester would never be over.  I must say, it was the most difficult semester of my college career so far.  However, one thing that became perfectly clear to me in that semester was my need to study abroad, to get it together so I could go somewhere, experience something.  It wasn’t so much about my want to go somewhere and travel somewhere worth writing about.  It was my need now; I think I took looking into studying abroad to a whole new level.  It was like my coping method into all that was happening.  However, even after all my issues were semi-resolved, the desire to go was still as strong as when I first started.

That’s when I found it.  The program that called to me, or more like the country that called to me.  South Korea. 460_Map-South-Korea


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