The Waiting Game Continues

On the outside, I go about my days in a normal fashion.  No one who doesn’t know me will not realize that I am playing the waiting game.  Every time I think about the study abroad application I completed sitting in some pile somewhere, I hear the Jeopardy theme song.  It rings in my ears, slowly driving me insane.  Not much longer now, right?  I’ll know soon.


I’ve thought it over tons of times.  There are only two paths that will be open to me.  That is acceptance into the study abroad program.  Or rejection.  I’m trying to stay positive with looking to the acceptance side.  In hopes, I learn more Korean vocabulary, research famous monuments and yummy restaurants, and watch more Korean TV.  (pic: I’m currently watching: Inspiring Generation or 감격시대)

The rejection side is somewhere that I’d rather not even venture.  I can’t say that all of this research will be a waste because it won’t.  Even if I don’t get accepted into the program, I can always visit South Korea after graduation (mind you, it will be several years after graduation, but I will get there someday).

Benedict-Cumberbatch-smileOne of my friends walked over to where I was sitting in the dining hall and started exclaiming something very excitedly into my ear, I don’t remember what exactly but it had to be something about Korea.  She was smiling ear to ear.  I didn’t reciprocate the emotion as well as I could have, instead chewed my food carefully and gave her a small smile.  She nudged me, “It hasn’t hit you that you’re going to Korea next fall, has it?” I shrugged.  To tell you the truth, it hasn’t hit me yet because it hasn’t been confirmed.  And I would really love to have a confirmation note because I would love to celebrate as much as my friend is.


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