It’s Official!

All last week, I waited.  Playing the waiting game is more difficult than it sounds.  Especially with the use of modern technology now a days.  Basically, knowing I would be receiving an email sometime during the week, I waited by my phone.  Night and day.  I was really going crazy, checking my phone every few minutes.


Since I receive email notifications via phone, every time my phone would vibrate, I thought I was getting an email when it was really only a text.  Several times, my face would light up like a child receiving a present during a holiday but than quickly fall when I realized it was just a text.


The email came when my friend was borrowing my phone.  (Can you believe it?  The one time I let it go for the entire week is when the email decides to come!)

tumblr_n1n1fqHVek1ts0xfio4_500I was in the library, early in the morning, and instead of being quiet, I immediately started screaming.  All of the sudden, I was out of my chair.  Standing.  Jumping.  On my knees.  I wasn’t aware I was making much noise until my friend tried to calm me down.  I was eating breakfast at the time and immediately started choking on my sandwich.  I started crying.  I couldn’t stop smiling.  It was really a whirlwind of emotions that I’ve never experienced in such a rapid back to back way before.  I don’t even know if that makes sense but here I was reading an email that I waited all week for and this one notification was going to change my life.

I can’t tell you that I am officially going to Korea.  I can tell you that I am, officially, one step closer in that direction.  I’m accepted into the program by my school– I still need to be accepted into the program by Korea’s school.  However, just in case something is to go wrong about all this, I am still signing up for classes for next semester here.   Though, right now, it looks like I’ll be going to Korea in the fall of 2014.   And just the thought is awesome!

(NOTE: all gifs are from the drama: Flower Boy Next Door)


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