The Little Things

UPDATE: I, officially, have dates! I got flight tickets this week and everything is starting to fit into place. This is happening!
 With that, I wanted to talk about little things because a lot of BIG things have been happening of late and I am so overwhelmed that all I want to do is focus on the small stuff.
I went to the movies the other day. I travel about an hour to go to my nearest movie theater; it’s a pretty big outing for the whole family. It’s always been that way, since I can remember. Since I went off to college, the family doesn’t really get the chance to take me out to the theater, unless I’m home and free of any previous engagement. And usually if I’m not free, I’ll make time because I am sort of a movie-buff. Before aspirations of becoming a book publisher seeped into my brain, I had wanted to be a screenwriter and researched and watched tons of movies. Even after I dropped that dream, I still can’t stop watching and falling in love with the art of movies.
That trait is actually how I met this boy. As much as I always love going to see movies with my family, there is a little thing that I love about the movie theater. We met one night a few years ago and, quite truthfully, I don’t even think we ever exchanged names. Before you get the wrong idea, he works part time at the theater, you see. He approached me before going to clean a theater room and asked me about the movie I had just seen. I guess movie buffs attract because ever since that one time, we still discuss every movie after I walk out of the theater.
Our discussion wasn’t anything special opposed to the other times before, however, it got me thinking about little things. Like the little things I love about the movie theater is the self-serve butter machine for popcorn, this boy, and the rocking theater-seats.
In the movie, Zombieland, they said to enjoy the little things. And that is exactly what I am doing.
 In anticipation of traveling to South Korea, I got thinking about the little things I might enjoy there. I came up with a subject-to-change top 5 list of the little things I will love in Korea:
1. Food: Now, I know it is a bit crazy but I haven’t tried a lot of Korean food. But what I have tried was fantastic. All the food: delicious.
 2. So Much History: I’m aware that everywhere is going to have history but coming from America, which is still a baby country compared to most, I’m saying Korea has lots of history. Also, it has held onto that history, whereas a lot of places have torn buildings down and upgraded the once historical sites. South Korea has palaces among skyscrapers. It is like two different worlds: the past and the present living together under the same roof.
 3. Traditional Markets: To me, traditional markets in South Korea will be a little slice of home. I grew up on the countryside, running a dairy farm with my family. Farmer markets have always been a thing and I love to go and see everything they are selling. I can’t tell you what differs from a Korean traditional market and a New York-style farmers’ market but I will tell you that no matter the difference, I’ll find home there.

4. Bubble Tea: Need I say more? I have an obsession with this flavored-milk tea drink for the past two semesters. And that’s awful, considering I’m lactose intolerant. But I can’t get enough of the stuff. In Korea, I’m hoping they’ll have more than the five flavors they have in my college town (and I’m pretty sure they do).
 5. Views: In the countryside, where I live, it is gorgeous. All seasons, I look out the window and see beautiful fields and animals. It is something out of a storybook. However, since I live here, I notice how beautiful it is but I’ve desensitized myself from the effect long ago. Seeing new things, new places, new people for the first time will make me realize how wonderful and pretty the world is again. When I take pictures, I see my surroundings with news eyes. But now I want my eyes to be new again. I want to take everything in for the first time.
 Just enjoy the little things. Whether it’s that boy at your movie theater or the view outside your kitchen window, take it in and smile.


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