The Perks of Being Royalty

STATUS UPDATE: I have finally embarked on my journey to study in South Korea.  I left a few days ago and got on the longest flight of my life.

14 hour flights are super long.  You think 14 hours of anything is bad- the plane ride was terrible.  The plane keeps you in a constant deranged state where you are no longer sleeping but not awake either.  You’re not dead, at least you hope you’re not.

The plane people: flight attendants, captain, or whoever they like to be called turned off all the lights at strange times, leaving you confused.  They expect you to find your way to the bathroom in the dark, as well, which was an adventure all in itself.

Other than all of that: the airline, Korean Air, did try their best to make their passengers feel less crazy.  I basically got treated like royalty.korean-stewardess7

First, I’m waiting to be called to board the plane.  It went by membership card, then economy seating but the announcer’s stereo was all static and also mostly in Korean.  The Korean part is to be expected, everything will be in Korean in Korea.  It’s something I needed to get used to real fast.  There was no easing into that one.

Finally, I boarded the plane.  It was like I walked into any Korean drama where the guy owns a mall or something equally fancy and every morning each employee stands in line and bows. I’ve boarded planes before but not where they’re bowing to you.  It’s a Korean thing and it’s pretty awesome!

From that point on, I felt good about the plane, even though I was feeling kind of sick.  Once again, 14 hours is way too long.  As I walked on the plane, they brought us through first class which was such a tease: we all stared at the fancy seats with newspapers, spacious leg room, and more.  Then as we got into the flight, it was the royalty of the economy that captured my attention.


It could have been the bowing, or the constant waiting-on, the cute flight attendant who is definitely wasting his time being on a plane and not going into modeling, all the juice we were given, or even the two meals and snack we got.

Queen Jeanna is here to stay.  (Even though that idea sounds awesome, my royal status ended with the bow from the last flight attendant as I departed the plane.)



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