So This Happened…

I’m going to skip around a bit because I realized I’m tremendously busy with homework and traveling and barely have time to spare.  Therefore, I’m going to write the posts I know will be short just to publish a post because I want to keep everyone informed on how I’m living and experiencing Korea.

Sometime during one of the many weeks we were at school, a few friends of mine informed me that one of their all time favorite celebrities is coming to a theater near us.  He will both be coming in person, and showing up on the big screen in his new movie Tazza 2: Hand of God (타짜 신의손).  Considering the tickets were for the price of seeing a movie, we all went.  I knew the celebrity and listened to his music but wouldn’t call myself a huge fan.

h9 Which celebrity you ask?  His name is T.O.P.  He is very famous in South Korea.  He is both a singer and an actor.  Best known for being part of the group, Big Bang.  The movie?  It was a movie about gambling, gangs, and T.O.P. taking off his shirt.

When we arrived to the theater and took our seats, however, we noticed a few things.  One of them was that the movie we were about to take part in did not have English subtitles.  That roughly translates to: we sat through an entire 2 hours and more of a Korean movie without knowing much of the dialogue.  I used my Korean vocab and could understand some of the jokes and I definitely understood all the gambling going on, considering most of those scenes were nonverbal.  Overall, if you have a chance to see the film, it was good (and that’s saying something because I barely knew what they were saying).

After sitting through the whole movie, T.O.P. was to arrive and inform us a bit about making the film.  I had already realized while buying the tickets, that he will be speaking in Korean.  However, it was having his presence, being in the same room as a gorgeous and distinct celebrity as him that I’m sure all the girls in my group, me included, wanted to take part in.  Alas, we were extremely disappointed when the secruity guards come out, followed by cinema staff.  They spoke in rapid Korean but I caught the words “T.O.P.,” “sick,” and “sorry.”

Surprisingly, the other fans in the room took it extremely well and exited without any complaint.  I know in America, people would audibly complain or at least ask for a refund but there was none of that.  Thus, we went home disappointed, unable to see the man that we had so hoped to lay eyes upon.

Well… maybe there’ll be a next time.


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