Truth or Dare Pt. 2

Truth or Dare? Dare sucks.  Need I say more?

I wrote a first part of my truth or dare adventures in Korea and thought I would share with you more.

After the basketball court fiasco, I thought my truth or dare days were past me but on my birthday, my friends had a wonderful idea to pass the time.  Of course, it involved playing the game I hated the most.


Hanging out with a small group, the game resumed without an audience this time.  It was just us enclosed in by a circle of bushes between the park and the sidewalk.  We were without an audience until my friends decided that for my turn, I had to yell out “오빠!” to random passersby.  오빠 is a Korean term of endearment, essentially meaning “older brother” (gender specific: only females can say this word) but also could mean “boyfriend” or “older guy in my life.”  It is a bit confusing to explain, but when I post my essay about the use of the word, it will probably make much more sense.  오빠 is not something I should be yelling out to random strangers.  It simply is not done.  Also, being a foreigner and yelling out the word seemed a total cliché and I wanted to avoid it as long as I was in the country—of being a typical foreigner.  But this is a dare in the game and it wasn’t like there was a crowd.  It was a stranger and me, and my friends were watching from a little ways away.


A male student walked passed on the sidewalk.  A total stranger.  I took a deep breath.  One of my friends pushed me onto the sidewalk, after he had passed.  (Remind me why we are friends again: no, just kidding, my friends are awesome!  It’s just this game that brings out their devious sides.)  The plan was to call after him, not too loud but to get his attention.  Well, I got his attention.  When I took a breath in, I let the word rip out of my throat.  He looked back.

I hid in the bushes.  Moral of the story is to never let introverted people play TRUTH or DARE.  My friends started laughing and eventually the student, shrugging, left.  No questions.  I never want to play TRUTH or DARE ever again.  Isn’t college a bit too old for sleepover games?  Never again.  Never. Again.

From this experience and a few other instances, I was inspired by the topic to write an essay in my Cultural Anthropology class.  I will be posting that essay in the coming posts.  Stay tuned.

Embarrassing as TRUTH or DARE is, I learned that going to a different country with a different language, different culture, and almost different everything is like playing a 24/7 game of TRUTH or DARE.  The game and studying abroad is all about taking risks and doing things you wouldn’t normally do.

The ultimate “dare” here is going to South Korea and having an amazing experience of a lifetime.  It is about taking the risk and going for it. 화이팅!



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