About Inside My Seoul

Inside My Seoul is meant to be an outlet similar to that of a travel journal.  It will showcase my before, during, and after experiences of my life in South Korea.  My posts will consist of several variations of photos, videos, and text.  Length will vary from post to post.  Feel free to take a look at Inside my Seoul, and see something through my eyes.

5 Words/ Phrases to Describe This Blog

1. Study Abroad

2. Travel: South Korea

3. College Life

4. Awesome

5. Culture


About Jeanna

My name is Jeanna.  I will be studying abroad in South Korea in the Fall of 2014.  I’m a junior in college, studying Communication Arts and English.  I hope to become a book publisher.  Some of my favorite things include the color green, awesome movies, the rain, reading, and learning new things.

5 Words to Describe Me

1. Quiet

2. Friendly

3. Cheesy

4. Awesome

5. Determined


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